2017 Council Meetings: — 7 p.m. – Thode Village Centre. – Aug 10th, Sep 14th, Oct 26th, Nov 23rd, Dec 21st

Administrative Notes

Good Afternoon:

Fred has asked that I remind residents that docks & lifts needs to be removed from the shoreline by June 15 to facilitate mowing & trimming of the public reserve areas.
The $100 annual fee is now due & will be added to the taxes if not paid.

The installation of the mailboxes is underway.

Many are asking about the lake level – The following info has been received from Sask Water:

Blackstrap Reservoir water level at the end of May was 534.490 meters. The acceptable operating range is 533.400 m to 534.467 m, as defined by our agreement with Parks Culture & Sport. The full supply level is 534.619. It is not uncommon during the course of the operating season for the levels to fluctuate within these operating ranges to balance the needs of our customer base. Ensuring there are provisions for added storage to manage potential flood conditions upstream, similar to what we experience last year, is just one factor to consider.

The operating levels for 2016 were actually above the acceptable operating range due to heavy rainfalls and construction on downstream reservoirs which prevented us from moving water out. It is our intention to continue to lower the levels to provide a buffer for potential flood conditions.

SaskWater will continue to ensure we maintain our operating levels within this predefined operating range.

We have had vehicles parking on the turn around areas –
Please note that the turn around areas are not intended for parking and that vehicles can be towed – the fine is $1000 – reduced to $250 if paid within 10 days.

We have a Zoning Appeal Hearing scheduled for June 26 – notice attached.

Nominations are open for the Council member position until June 24. Please contact Jessie for Nomination forms.

If you have any questions about the above information, please let me know.


At A Glance

The Blackstrap Resort Villages of Thode & Shields are seeking an individual for the
position of Assistant Operations Manager.
The successful candidate will work under the direction of the Municipal Operations
A valid class 5 driver’s license is required.
Ability to obtain Water Distribution Class 1 Certification.
Coverage for weekends is required.
Operation of all municipal equipment including mowers, skid steer and snow
removal equipment.
This position is permanent full time and includes SUMA health benefits and
Municipal Employees Pension Plan. Salary will be commensurate with experience.
For a detailed position description please contact Jessie Williams at

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