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Thode enjoys a year round supply. To have your water turned on or off  please contact the Village as this is a Village responsibility.  Unauthorized tampering resulting in damage to the curb stops and the Village water supply will be at the expense of the property owner. The village water is purchased from the Dundurn Rural Water Utility and is based on usage, your assistance in practicing water conservation and reporting any breakage or leakage is sincerely appreciated.

Seasonal Residents are reminded that if you do not intend to occupy your property year round, please arrange with the Village to have your water turned on or off at the curb stop. If your property will not be heated over the winter, you will also need to have your meter removed and stored by the village to avoid damage from freezing. It is advisable to drain all water lines and have septic tanks pumped out prior to freeze up.

Dundurn Rural Water Utility provides the Resort Village of Thode (and other communities) with Saskatoon City water.

For more information, visit: www.dundurnruralwater.ca

The system is under the control of our certified water operators. Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment requires that at least once each year waterworks owners provide notification to consumers of the quality of water produced and supplied as well as information on the performance of the waterworks in submitting samples as required by a Minister’s Order or Permit to Operate a waterworks.

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The majority of the homes in the Village are connected to the sewer system which is handled by the Dundurn and Area Wastewater Utility board. The system consists of an aeration lagoon. Once treated, the water flows through a nearby marsh, into a creek and travels more than 20 kilometres before flowing into the South Saskatchewan River.  There are still many homes which have septic tanks. All wastewater must be drained into the tanks and emptied by a licensed hauler.  Sewage pump out on average for full time residents is every 2-4 weeks based on consumption, and the size of your tank ($100-$200/1000 gallons).   It is your responsibility to arrange the service. The village also has a sewer collection line which you may wish to connect to.

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