Parks & Recreation

The Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee is made up of several volunteers that plan events in the community and improvements to our Park facilities.


The purpose of the Resort Village of Thode Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee is to organize social and recreational events for the enjoyment of Village residents to foster the development of a healthy community; to protect and manage greenspaces owned or leased by the Village; and to provide access and opportunity for various recreational activities to all Village residents.


For Parks & Recreation updates, please review the newsletters, or follow us on facebook.

Our group of volunteers helps to promote community awareness and hosts a variety of local events in the community. We are all volunteers that dedicate our time and energy to make this a great place to live and play.  Our Advisory Committee is always looking for new members to join us, so if you are able to donate some of your time we would welcome you with open arms. We have meetings once a month. The meetings are usually 2 hours long and we do not expect you to volunteer at every event that the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee hosts as we like to spread the events around with the members.

* At the end of November we host an ANNUAL HOLIDAY PARTY.
* We hold CANADA DAY CELEBRATIONS with good food, and family fun.
* We publish a Newsletter and post events on the Community Signboard.
* We host a variety of events: potlucks, family fun days, card nights, etc.
* We provide courses for the residents: CPR, water safety, etc.
* We prepare and deliver a Welcome Package for new residents.
* We fundraise and apply for grants to allow us to improve our parks and recreational facilities.

Parks and Recs

Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee Members

Nathalie Baudais (306) 986-9175
Georgia Bayer (306) 500-7535
Marlene Cook (306) 492-2310
Jean Hennig (306) 492-3100
Corrine Knudsen (306) 492-4930
Hugh Pineault (306) 492-4941
Michael Schell (306) 261-4528
Jocelyne Smith (306) 371-6610
Lawrence Smith (306) 371-6610
Stacey Syrenne (306) 492-4975

Animal Control Committee

The Animal Control Committee is responsible for investigating complaints sent to the Village regarding the animal control bylaw.

Larry Cook  (306) 492-2310
Garry & Gail Schneider  (306) 492-4888