Canada Day

July 1, 2015 @ 11:00 am – 6:00 pm
Dundurn and Thode - Angel Park


Administration Update
With the arrival of summer comes a few reminders:

Dock fees are now due ($100) – your “A” series launch key needs to be exchanged for the “B” series key. If you are not planning to install all of your dock/lift components remember that they need to be removed from municipal property by June 15.

Public Reserve Areas are intended for use by the public. If you have items stored on municipal lands please relocate them to your private property. This includes all non portable items that are deemed private – such as sheds.

The public reserve area along the shoreline needs to be obstruction free so that residents can walk along the shoreline. Any items parked behind your property on the hill need to be relocated.

The Storage Sight is available for parking of boat trailers. The $100 fee for 6 months is less than the $250 fine levied for exceeding the 72 hour parking rule. The driving surface of our roadway is narrow – vehicles are only permitted to be parallel parked along our streets. Angel or nose-in parking is not permitted on the road allowance. If you have a parking pad
adjacent to the road allowance, please ensure that your vehicle is not partially on the driving surface of the road.

The speed limit on the water is 10 km/hour within 30 meters of the shore. This is the same for all bodies of water in Saskatchewan. Your consideration for others is appreciated.

The garbage collection schedule is attached. Please remember that we have moved to biweekly collection. Your cooperation in removing your garbage bins from the roadway by 7 a.m. the morning after pickup is appreciated. All bins are numbered and if a bin is damaged because it is left on the road, the resident designated the bin will be invoiced $125 for a replacement.

A Joint Animal Control Committee will be established with the Resort Village of Shields. This committee will be the first contact between those filing a complaint & the owner of the animal. If you are interested in being appointed to this committee, please contact Jessie.

Our Zoning Appeals Board is in need of appointees. This is a three year appointment and the board has consisted of property owners from Thode and Shields. There is not much need for the Board to sit,
but it needs to be in place to hear any appeals that might arise.

For those of you without a connection to the municipal sewer system the phone number for Backroads Service is 306 292 7202

The fire ban will remain in place until conditions change – we are in the extreme area & wild fire is a real risk.

And finally if you have not sent in your tax payment – penalties will accrue monthly.

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